Take a look at what you have on your desk. Aside from the obvious - stacks of paper, maybe a
mug of coffee and a few pens - odds are you have a Notepad, memo pad or scratch pad.
Every day you look at it, use it for a list of the day's events, jot down notes, stats or
figures, and every day you are reminded of that particular company's name and logo.
It is like a small, practical billboard on your desk.

Notepads are an effective way to get your company’s name and details out to your customers.
A personalized Notepad is a great little advertising device and are a great means of repeat
business. Repetition is key to branding and custom printed notepads provide the perfect
opportunity to relay your branding message.

Everyone appreciates a pad of paper. If you brand them and make them available to your
customers, your full-colour company name and logo gets attention every time it's used.
It gets even more attention when one of those notes is passed along. It's just one more
creative way to advertise and get your brand out there! Pages per Notepad range from
25 to 100 or more and are glued with cardboard backing.

Notepads are excellent for use in Promo Giveaways at holidays or any special events. Not only
are they a practical and useful item, they will be appreciated and used by those who receive
them. Some popular notepad types include Things to Do, Shopping List, Phone Message Pad,
Game Score Pads and more!

Other popular printing products that customers found effective are Books,
Digital Printing & Copying, Letterheads & Stationery and NCR Books.

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